Facebook ads don't work (Do Not Run Your Ad)

If are thinking to put ads on Facebook and it's cheap then think again and read this post, I hope it will give you some ideas how Facebook lies about their ads. Facebook is a greedy sc**bag just like any other social platforms. They provide so called "free service" (although there is nothing as free in this world, if you see something free then there must be something hidden behind it), but people don't know that they sell people (Likes, Views, Comments) and make money.

Actually I don't mind that, because if you want to survive you have to do something, but this is too much. First of all they use people as commodity and then charge advertisers too much to advertise, plus  it lies about ads. Please see the pictures below for proof.

In the above picture you can see that Facebook saying if you spend £1.00 you will get 584 to 1.7k likes per day. Ok now let's see what they have delivered.

Right, after spending £4.92 I got 304 likes. Really? I mean, really? How can they eat so much?
The way they have presented I should have got 2.9k to 8.5k likes, yet I only got 304. Can you believe that? Ok Forget that, I've spent £41.00+ yet I only got 3,125 likes. That means it's totally useless. I've also noticed that if I don't promote they don't promote my posts, that means it's forcing small page owners to boost (paid) their posts so that they can grab more money. After losing over £40+ I came to the conclusion that Facebook is not a place to advertise. It might be good for few but most small business will loose heavily without gaining much.

I've tried many things to be successful in life but failed everywhere and this is another one in my book.


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