Sunday, 29 October 2017

Who is Raba Khan (Bnagali YouTuber)

Raba Khan is a Bangali YouTuber, makes comedy videos. She is already quite popular and many people already written about her, but in this post I will just write things that the reporter has asked her in the video above and her replays.

YouTube channel:  TheJhakanakaProject
Subscribers: 88,856
Views: 5,931,120
Joined: 6 Jun 2014

Facebook: RabaKhan2013
Instagram: rabakhan
Snapchat: jhakanakaraba RabaKhan 

Current obsession: Hair.
Favorite singer: Right now Pritom Ahmed.
Free time: Don't have any free time.
Facebook or spending time with friends: Don't have friends.
Cats or dogs: Dogs.
Tea or coffee: Coffee.
Favorite Movie: Slam dog millionaire.
Favorite celebrity: Karan Johar
Last wish: Writing with Zoya Akhtar
Can't live without it: Lipstick.
First thing in the morning: Checking messages on WhatsApp.
Diamond or Gold: Diamond, who wears god nowadays? [{Hmm, seems like flying in the sky with under 100k subs.}]
Morning person or night person: Night person.
Favorite dance move: watch at 3:43
Process of making YouTube videos: - - - [{Well, forget this one, because not everyone lucky enough to get popularity and be millionaire over night.}]
Good girlfriend: "No, but I'm sure I'll be a good wife."
Dating someone: No.
Date of birth: May 11, and according to in 1998 (she didn't say the year).
Rain or sun: Most of the time, sun.
Bags or shoes: Bags.
Favorite TV show: Masterchef
Cooking: Yes
Dream vacation spot: Azerbaijan
If you become an actress then whom do you want to choose to be hero for you: Ananta Jalil
Do you play any instrument: Yes, Harmonium.
Style icon: No one.
Favorite dress: Saari.

Hidden talent: Trained belly dancer.
Favorite host: Karan Johar.

Well, that's all I could extract from the video. I know some of you (who knows Bangla) might say I've missed quite lot of the answers. Yes, that's right but some them I've missed it on purpose and some of them I couldn't really understand or thought is not that important. Anyway if still think you need to add it then you can always comment below.

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