Some fans really don't have brain in their heads

Many of us don't like programmed robots, because they don't do anything beside what they are been programmed for. But do you know some people are worst than those robots? Yes, I'm talking about those fans who are totally brain washed and love their idol so much so that they forget how to think like a normal human being.

Recently in a movie the hero pronounced his phone number (fully) aloud, and many of the dumb fans thought that's his own number and started calling him. And by chance the owner of that number was a CNG driver. He started getting thousands of calls from girls all over the world. One of the girl even came to his house to meet him in person. After seeing all these his wife thought this guy is cheater and he has lot of girl friends and she left him. And now his lawyer claiming tk50,00,000.00 for the damage.

Lol, crazy people are on both sides. Come on! It's common sense that any public figure will never ever give his personal number to any stranger, and you think he's going say it aloud in front of millions. Are you that dumb? And the other hand, the CNG driver claiming tk50,00,000.00 for the damage. lol, did he ever see that amount of money in his whole life? People are after free money nowadays. Making small things like few atoms bigger than Mount Everest and them claim that amount of money. I'm sure people will forget the incident and his wife will come back once she knows that it was just a mistake of dumb fans, who's brain cells died long time ago.

And now by claiming huge amount of unjust money, he just showed his greediness and he became hated person among most people. He could have kept the fame he got for free but even he proved that he is dumb too. I couldn't find any person (fans, number owner) in this matter who is intelligent enough to think normally, all of them are dumb. Why the hell people are getting dumber day by day? I don't really get it. Why can't people just act like normal people and stay with peace. 

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