Saturday, 17 March 2018

Why Pizza Ordering Shoes are useless?

Have you ever seen a shoe ordering pizza for you? Well, if not then please watch the video and see how amazing I mean how useless it is. It seems like well made shoe and might be quite pricey too, but the function is a very simple. I'm not sure how can someone waste money in this stupid thing.

I think you probably thinking why am I even so angry on this? Well, it's because the thing has nothing but a button on it which is link to your phone anyway. Before the button starts working you need to download an app and set your bank account and select your pizza and then only thig you will be left with is a button to press. For that you can use the same app, but they've made just a button and put it on the shoe. That button can be placed anywhere you want. Jut waste of money and a silly idea.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

How to Transfer Files From Xiaomi Mi A1 to your Laptop/PC

If you are new user of Xiaomi Mi A1 you might find this problem too as I was really struggling to find out how to transfer videos and pictures from Xiaomi Mi A1 to my laptop. Although it was an easy and simple setting but I couldn't find it, and wasted quite lot of time. But in this post you will find out withing few seconds. So let's start.

Step1: When you plug into the laptop it will show you a blank window like the picture below. This means the phone is on charging mode.

Step2: To see the files or pictures you need to tap+hold+drag from the top of your screen then you will see an option called "USB charging this device". As you can see in the picture below.

Step3: Click on the "USB charging this device" option and you see 4 more options.
  1. Charge this device.
  2. Transfer files.
  3. Transfer photos (PTP)
  4. Use device as MIDI
Choose options number 3 if you just want to transfer video and pictures from your phone. And if you want to dig deeper into more folders then choose options number 2.

If you choose option number 3 then a window will pop up and you will see "Internal shared storage" like the picture below. Now you can go into that folder and look for your picture and videos and then transfer them to your laptop/PC. I hope you've found this helpful. Thanks for your time.


Thursday, 8 March 2018

How to use free Wi-Fi on Emirates flights A380

Great news for you if you are flying with Emirates. You can now use internet on air. This is my first time using internet on the plane. I was surprised and when I contacted my family while I was on the plane, they got shocked too. In this post I'll share how you can use free internet on the flight. So here are the step by step guide.

Step1: Turn on your Wi-Fi and open your browser. It will take you to a page where you'll have to go through some settings. If you want to use free Wi-Fi then I assume you'll have to select "Non-Skyward" and then put your email address and the read the term and conditions and check the box and click on the connect button.
Step2: Now select the free 20 MB option and scroll down to the bottom and click connect. That's it, now you should be able to use your free internet.

Try to avoid using browsers, because it takes quite lot of data and doesn't work properly.