Ways to add Google analytics to your blogger

Hi, in this post I'm going to show you two ways to add your Google analytics to your blog, in case if you don't know what google analytics is or you haven't signed up yet then you can visit this site (www.google.com/analytics) which will explain more about it.

First way:
Go to the Google analytics's admin area and copy the code. Admin > Property > .js Tracking Info  > Tracking Code

After getting the code go ahead and open your blogger and then go to the Layout > Add a Gadget > HTML/JavaScript > Paste the code in the Content box > Then save it
Remember not to write anything in the "Tiltle" box just leave it emty and another thing as you can see a red box in the picture above, that's where you can find your own Google analytics ID.

Second way:
This one is more easier and neater then the above one. First get the analytics ID from your analytics code as you can see in the picture above or you can find it right next to your website name when you open your Googe anlytics.

After getting the ID go ahead and open your blogger and then go to the Settings > Other > then at the bottom you will find an emty box next to "Analytics Web Property ID" just paste your ID in the box and save it.

That's it, Enjoye!!! :)

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