how to make your website appear on top of google search

In this post I am going to share few proven tips with you, if you follow it your website may come on Google's  first page or even the first link of google. People say you need to have long and well written article to come on first page of Google but I say no you don't need that to come on the  first page.
And some people say your page must have to have too many views like 2000 or 5000 but I say you don't even need that too, in fact my page came on Google's first page and it was the first link with only 57 views and 14 Google+ in just 3 days as you can see the screen shot below.

Tip1: Your website title.
You should carefully choose your title, first search the title that you want which will appear on google for example search for "Make your website Google's first link" if you see there are already too many titles like this then try something thing different remember not to copy exact same title you find on the first page.
Note: If you copy exact same title then Google might send your link further back which I don't think you'll like it in fact no one likes that.

Tip2: Using social media to promote.
Nowadays it is very easy to promote your link so use it as much as you can, use  #hashtags in Google+, Twitter, and Facebook and some other places.

Why hashtags?
well, that's because when you put hashtags with a link your link appears in different pages for example you have a link just say "Link collider review with issues" and you put three hashtags like this #linkcollider, #review, and  #issues so your link will appear at least in three different pages and people might share as well so it goes to many more pages too and when google sees your link is in so many places it pays special attention to your link and brings it to the top and that's how your link becomes Googles first link.

Google+ is the best!
Well, I like this platform the most because when you post something on your Google+, Google picks it up very quickly and when you put hash tag on Google+ most of the time it spreads like spider webs and  who doesn't like his links to be seen everywhere? Of course everyone likes it.

Why this page is not on Google's first page?
You probably thinking if these tips are right then why this site is not on google's first page? Well, you are right my friend if you search normally then you might not find this site on the first page but if you add tips247 with my title and search you will definitely find this site on google's first page.
I've used these tips for all of my posts and I'm happy that most of the post are within first three pages of Google (if you want you can copy any of my post title and search in Google to check) and other search engines are catching up too.

That's all for this post I think, and I don't want to make it too long if you just try these two tips I'm sure your link will be on the first or at least within three pages of google I hope. Please let me know your result I'll be happy to hear that! :)

It keeps changing so sometimes you might see before 3rd page or after it but if you just add tips247 at the end you will definitely this page as Gooogle's first link.

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