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Friday, 21 August 2015

How to delete cover photo from google+

OK, let me tell you what really happened to me before I started writing this post. I uploaded few cover photo on Google+, and at that time I was thinking the pictures are looking cool and I kept uploading them. And if I didn't like any of my cover picture I used to change it with some other picture and think that when I change the picture it's deletes the old one. That's because in desktop version you can't see the old cover pictures. But it keeps saving untill you delete them.

How did i find out?
Once I was browsing my profile without logging in, on my phone. And saw some old cover pictures (which I didn't like it) and wanted to delete it immediately. But after logging in I couldn't find them at all. So I started looking for the solution, after some hard search on the net I found out the solution. And here you go.

Go to this site called make sure you log in, if you haven't logged in already.
There should be an album called scrapbook photos. In this step you can delete whole album at once or you can delete the picture that you don't like. 

That's all, hopefully it helps you.

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  1. Excellent post. Saved me much web-searching for a solution.

  2. Okay but how about when you want to do it for a channel that is under the overarching G+ account? I can't find any option anywhere to select it.

  3. no u can not delet cover photo on additional google account under my main... youtube these images do not show up help

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