How to get embed code of Facebook video

If you want to embed a facebook video on your website, but you can't find the embed code or you don't know how to do it, then in this post I will show you how easily you can over come this problem.

OK, If you are watching the video on your timeline and you want to get the embed code then what you need to do is.

Click on menu then click on "More options".

 Click on the "Embed Video" and get the code.

How can you get the code if you are watching in theater mode?
Well, that is very easy too. First you need to delete "?type=2&theater" from end of the link in the address bar then hit the enter key.

Click on the "Embed Video" and get the code.

After clicking on "Embed Video" you will see a pop up page like the image below. Copy the code and paste it where ever you want on your page.

The last thing you might want to see the real Facebook video proof on this site. Well, I have embedded a Facebook video below as a proof that this tip works. Enjoy!!!

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