The super lucky saudi man

A Saudi man who was walking on the street and all of a sudden a huge glass panel / mirror fell from from a great height just inches from his head, but luckily he was ok.

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Some comments:

*If you observe the footage properly!? 
The man turned his head backwards to look at what was stuck to his sandal, which made him move a few inches, if didn't look at his sandal, the mirror would have come clean down and probably would have cut his head in two.*

* [Wonder what was going through his head as he walked away. lucky man.]
* [Seems that being hit by glass panels will make them walk back towards the direction they came from......0_0]

* [Holy cripes almighty that looked terrifying...I would have shit my pants,that man seemed like he didn't even get hurt,just picked up his turbin and went what the heck happened,did that fall from a crane or just fell off a building?]

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