7 Best and handy youtube shortcuts you need to know

As we you know some of us have been watching Youtube years after years still some of us doesn't know some basic shortcuts of Youtube video player. So here are some tips which might save you some time and make your life bit more easier.

While playing the video hits the "space Key" to pause the video, but the pause key for Youtube is the letter {K}.

If you want to mute the sound then simply press the letter {M} on your keyboard.

Press {F} to watch in full scree and press again to make it small.

By pressing the letter {J} you can go back 10 second and by pressing letter {L} you can go 10second forward.

If you click on the left arrow {} it will go 5 seconds back and if you click on the right {
} it will go 5 seconds forward. 
Press and hold {} for going fast backward and press and hold {} to go fast forward.

To start from the beginning press {0}.

Any video on the youtube is divided into 10 equal parts like 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% and so on. You can click on any number from 1 to 9 to start watching from the percentage you want, for example if you press 5 then it will start from middle of the video and if press 9 then it will play last 10% of the video.

I hope this shortcuts will help you and hopefully you'll remember me every time you press on a shortcut key. Lol, just joking. :)

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