Homemade air conditioner DIY

What a great idea! You can make this awesome air cooler by yourself and it's super simple to make. It can help you stay cool and it is cost-effective too.

Take a container which you should be able to close it aswell. Make two holes, one for fan and one for air to come out of that container. Put some ice cubes inside it and close the lid. Then turn on the fan and see the magic. LOW POWERED AC 


  1. Hello, Such a great source of idea about air conditioning.Really appreciated.If your room has only one window or if window units aren’t allowed in your building, a portable air conditioner might seem like an ideal solution.This kind of portable water ac can be effectively save lot of money during hot summer. Thanks for the post.

  2. Marsh coolers use about a quater of the vitality utilized by an air conditioner or focal air unit. Indeed, even the most complex private bog cooler framework will utilizes essentially less vitality than an air molding unit.Best aio water coolers


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