What a disgusting prank!

According to In the now a little Syrian boy got pranked by a man who apparently said to the boy that run for the cover because a missile is coming, after hearing sound from a plane engine. The boy thought that's true and got scared then he run off to hide himself.
It breaks our hearts, how can people even think of making pranks like this. :(

Many people are sharing their concerns, let's read some of them.

Jacob Keaton cruel? Thats an evil prank to play on a kid who has experienced things nobody should have to go through. He'll be sared for the rest of his life constantly in fear of passing planes.

Mae Assamarrai I am an Arab so I understood what the man have said, I cannot imagine such cruelty trying to be funny by terrifying the child, such men/women are deprived of human feelings and should be treated as mentally unstable.

Ofiabodhe Emuobosa Tobore This is really an evidence that this child has witnessed horror. Cos I know if I try to prank my child this way, he will know nothing about what am saying and even still sit there and be watching what am doing instead. I feel so sad and pains in my heart.

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