How secure are you on Facebook?

Did you know that people (friends) can see and find out what kind of posts, photos, comments and pages you liked on Facebook from the beginning when you signed up Facebook?

Well, that's exactly right. Anyone from your friend list can find out all of your activities just by searching with your name. For example: Type this "Pages liked by your/friend's name, Posts liked by your/friend's name, Commended by your/friend's name, Photos liked by your/friend's name" in the search box and hit the enter.

It might not work if you search on mobile in mobile version Facebook, but it can work in mobile version too if you change your browser to desktop version.

Luckily strangers can't see this, but there could be many things that you don't like to share with all of your friends. Don't worry you can search your activities too and undo what you did before.

I hope this tip helps you and you might think twice before accepting friend request of a stranger. 

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