How to get your locked and lost phone back?

Well, this is not 100% that you will get your phone back, but it will help the guy who's found your phone to contact you if he's kind enough to return your phone.

As you know if you have locked your phone and then lost it then there's no way of someone to contact you, even though the guy is kind enough to return but he won't be able to. So you probably lose your phone for ever.

But don't worry you can solve that problem very easily. In this post I'm going to show how you can show your alternative contact numbers, email address,twitter id, instagram, facebook url or what ever you want, so that people can contact you through that.

As far as I know there are two ways to do that.

Option one:
Write what ever you want to show (contact number, email address, twitter id, instagram, facebook url), on an image and make it wallpaper of your phone's lock screen (this means that the picture will be shown only when your phone is locked). You can do that by >>tapping and holding on an empty space on your phone >>then go to wallpapers >>then lock screen >>then choose the image you wrote the information on.

Option two:
This is the normal way and what ever you will write, it will show on locked screen as you can see picture at the top.

To do that, >>go to the settings >>then click on Lock screen >>then click on Owner information >>then in the box write what ever you want >>then click OK.

And now you/anyone will be able to see the info under the time, as you can see in the picture at the top.

This is for android users only.

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