Today's kids vs kids of older generation

After seeing this and reading the comments I couldn't stop sharing it. Many people are sharing their childhood stories and some of them are crazy and funny. Let's read some of them.

Dee Deezelskie: when i was 3, i tried to save the world by not stepping the line of tiles in malls and i did it, yes you're welcome.

Stéphanie OkHee: Whenever I see stuff that apparently lots of children did, I ask my dad if I was the same. Turns out, most of the time I wasn't. So apparently I was a well behaved, boring as f*ck, little girl.

Jojie Aparri: When I was 3, our neighbor had to call my father to get me from their house because I refused to leave even with poop on my underwear. I had so much fun playing with their kids I literally didn't give a sh!t. Haha 😂😂😂
And this baby is too young to be 3.

Mikael Karlsson: When I was three I was actually able to "go play in my room", without the aid of tv or the internet. Sometimes I didn't even need toys. All I needed was imagination.

Well, some people have different kind of opinion too.

Eleni Manioti: Technology does not make you smarter it's the way you use technology to increase your knowledge that makes you smarter!So sad that kids spent so much time in front of a screen rather than a toy...

Kimberley Jane Barry: How is playing with an iPad smart? If their parents give them an iPad every time they cry, complain or are bored, it's basically all they know... Parents are just getting lazy.

Read more if you want.

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