New Yorkers Share their Story for a Dollar

We know that there are many ways of making money, but this youtuber got very interesting way of doing that.

He collects stories from different people and gives them $1.00 after listening to their stories and sometimes he gives more aswel and then uploads on YouTube and gets unlimited amount of money after that.

So it seems like he's helping but in reality he's getting money too. Well, that's how world goes I think and please don't get me wrong, he is a nice person as far as I know.

Any way, I thought the same thing but I don't have money so I can't offer money to anyone. So if you want to share your story I can  give you free space on this website and you might aswel get solutions of your problems when people comments on your story.

How can you share your story?
Well, you can write your story and post it as a comment below then I will copy that story and post it as a brand new post which you can bookmark as a favourite and then come back and see what people are saying about it.

Please keep these things in mind.

Name is optional, you can send as anonymous aswel.

Please try to write the title of the story.

The story should be yours and not copied from somewhere and specially not copyrighted stories.

*Linking your social media page:
(optional) If you want you can send the link of your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media page so that people can contact you directly.

I hope by reading those stories people can get help from you and you can get help from them.

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