How pet snails can make people famous in a day didn't know

Recently this story going viral where a small girl takes her pet snails to school and lets them out by the sink for exercise. Please read the full story below it's even more interesting.

Well, that was pretty funny, wasn't it? And now see what some other people came up with.

Oh bless her. Children see the best in everything whether it's a snail or a puppy. Love is love. My daughter also had pet snails one of which was called Gary !!!

When I was in primary one this happened to me too... except when I went outside to 'rescue' the snails and put them back in their box some bastard in the year above stomped on them right in front of me... needless to say I never forgave him😂

Has no one spoken the teaching assistant, about snail abuse, does anyone know if she been interviewed by the police and arrested .. Have Anna and Elsa been found or are they still missing, so hard at times like this . We must set up a funding pot and 
search party . After all their poor little homes have been smashed to pieces.

Poor girl was probably proper heartbroken. They will take anything for a pet we had to endure pet woodlice in our house for a while. To be fair to her my little girl made a pretty convincing home for them in a plastic container haha.

When my little girl (who now 15) came in sobbing her heart out when she was 3 saying "I've killed my best friend" I hadn't got a clue what she was talking about..... She'd found a snail in the garden and had accidently stood on it and killed it 😮😧😂😂😂😂 she didn't think it was funny though lol

Unfortunately you might not find the page if you click on the credit. I think she coudn't handle the fame she got in short period of time and deleted her account.

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