Bodybuilding doesn't need Hi-Tech gyms

These guys are the proof that to build your body you don't need a fancy gym and too many Hi-Tech equipments.

Enjoy the video and comments.

*Next time UN asks me for donations because of starvation in Africa, ill show them this video.

*These guys are born with huge mussels.... it's bizar how muscular those people are almost if they have anabolic blood no offence.

*For them they don't need a fancy gym because they are blacks they are naturally bigger, but for us Asians we definitely need a fancy gym and good nutrition.

*Bullsh**t.. People in africa. Starving... They cand find food to eat... This noobs probably. Lives in. England or France and visit their grandmas in Africa for photoshoot.

* You just need dedication to keep going, everybody can get BIG! you only need to work HARD for it.

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