How magenta colour of bentley cars was born?


Well, a very famous youtuber called "Mo Vlogs" went with his friend to a bentley showroom and the salesman was showing them everything until they came to a room where all the colour samples were on the table and salesman was saying that every colour sample has a story bihind it and he start telling the story of magenta.

"We sent one of our sales people to Saudi princess. Obviously there's a bag of samples that he takes, she looked trough the colours she wasn't happy with any, she was like I don't know help me out help me out, she looks at the nailpolish she had on, she said I want this colour. (salesman said) Of course  your highness we can just give us the bottle. She said no I can't this is my last bottle give me your nail, she paints his nail, he goes back to the factory scrapes off the nail polish and the magenta was born."


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