How to track your mobile data usage

Have you ever thought about how much mobile or Wi-Fi data you using per day and how much it adds up at the end of the month?

Well, it's very easy to find that out by installing a simple app called "Internet Speed Meter Lite". It will even show you how fast is your data transmission on the top lefthand corner.

I've used this on my Samsung S5 mini and it worked perfectly fine. Obviously not all apps work on all phones but you can try it out if you want to.

Here are some feedbacks from users:

1. Cool app to keep track of your data usage. 
I have been using this for a long time. Its one of the coolest and simple app. I love it and always keeps track of data usage when using mobile data. It would be great if you could add an additional feature to give some notification for data limit per day then it would be so nice and helpful to many users.

2. Great app but have 1 problem.
This is a good app, working well, but most of the time i use Internet from my java phone through Bluetooth and this app shows the speed but didn't showing how many data i used . Pls fix this and add a option to Bluetooth... otherwise this is a great app.

3. No use count of data.
It counts the data transaction done by shareit too. Please this app is very good but i want only my Internet data info not my shareit transaction data info please take a look on it please. And then i will give 5 stars.

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