How safe are your pictures on facebook


Did you know that your pictures on Facebook are not that safe as you think. For example when you upload a picture of you or something and then in the privacy settings you set it as Me only or Friends after that you probably think that you are safe now. No one  (except you and your friends) can see your picture now even though they (other people) get the URL of your picture.

Well, if you thinking like that then I'm sorry to say that your thinking is not right, because the picture above is the live example and it has been loaded from Facebook directly even though it's been set to Me only in privacy settings.

You might be worried now and thinking your picture can be seen by anyone. Well, Facebook give you some kind of privacy and that is it will not show the picture to anyone except whom you choose to show until they (other people) get the URL of the picture. Once some one gets the URL of your picture and then he/she sends to other people then anyone will be able to see your picture.

How can you get url of a picture from Facebook?

It's very easy and simple.
  1. Login to Facebook.
  2. Click on the picture you want to get URL of.
  3. Right click on the picture.
  4. Click "Copy Image Location" if you are using Firefox and click "Copy image address" if you're using Chrome.
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