This is why you should not lose your hope and keep uploading.


This guy opened his youtube channel back in Nov 11, 2010 and kept uploading videos. He didn't get much views on his videos until the moment of truth came after almost 6 years. One of his videos gone super viral and was trending on number one. 

The video is about him having a car crash while singing, he has explained everything in the video description that he was ok and didn't get any injuries. Not even a scratch and his car took no mechanical damage and is completely drivable. Only body damage.

This video may have gone viral because his car got crash while he was singing and the end reaction was hilarious.

Let's see what other people said:
*That's what happens when you sing some fruity ass song.*
*The car just had enough of his voice and decided to drive itself off the road to make him shut up.*
*The car committed suicide, because it couldn't stand the singing any longer.*
*Well at least he found all his change that was hiding under the seats, it just flew up to him.*
*After the crash he was like well then what song should I sing next.*
*So kid, if you having a car rolling accident. the first thing to do after the roll stop is to check if you have it recorded on the camera.*

Anyway let's come back to the point, never lose your hope and keep uploading and remember your video could be the next viral video. 

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