10 Best WhatsApp tips will make your life more easier

I don't think I need to introduce you what WhatsApp is because out of 7.5 billion total world population over 1 billion are WhatsApp users. Although we might use it more frequently but sometimes we still miss out the most basic functions. So here are some cool WhatsApp tips which will make your life much easier.


1. Quote in reply.
Just select the message and tap the reply button (left arrow at the top).

2. Change font formatting
*your word* << For bold, make sure no space between the star and first letter and between star and the last letter.
_your word_ << For italics.
~yoyr word~ << For strike through.

3. Chech when messages delivered and read.
Long tap the message and tap on the message info (round icon includes an i in the middle).

4. Bookmark important messages.
Specific chat > specific message > long tap message and then tap the star at tge top.

To see all the bookmarked messages, open WhatsApp >> Menu >> Starred Messages.

5. Send your message in new font.
Use this special character 3 times before and after what ever you want send ```hello```.

6. Backup your chats Conversation.
Menu >> settings>> chats >> chat back up >> click on the backup button.


7. Email your chat.
Menu >> settings >> chats >> Chat history >> Email chat. Remember the chat you will send via email it will be in a text file.

8. Stop automatic downloading pictures and videos on your phone.
Menu >> Settings >> Data usage >> uncheck Photos, Audio, Videos and Documents from "When using mobile data", "When connected on Wi-Fi" and "When roaming".

9. WhatsApp Web (Use WatsApp on your computer without an app).
On your coputer go to web.whatsapp.com then on your phone tap the Manu then thap on WhatsApp Web and scan the QR code which showing on your computer.

10. Send one message to multiple WhatsApp users.
Long tap the message or messages you want to send, then tap on the forward arrow and then choose people from the contacts and send.

I hope this helped you if it did please feel free to share this with your friends. Thanks


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