6 Best ways to avoid clickbait and waste your time

Why people use clickbait.
As you already know that every one wants to make money, and how can they make more money? The answer is by grabbing attention of people in such a way that they definitely visit their websites.

But people don't easily go to a site (like this one) where it tries to be simple and straight to the point. Instead they want to go somewhere, where they get hooked up with useless things and start going round and round and never find a way out.

Ok let's start with the tips now:

1. Don't click any link that is not familiar to you.

How can you find out what kind of link you clicking?
Well, some times it might be a bit difficult to know which link you clicking because, it's hidden under the nice attention grabbing words or could be hidden under a picture. For example, Click here to see 10 Jaw-Dropping dog photos. But if you click on the link you will go the home page. So to find out these kind of misguided links, just hover your cursor on the link and you will see the destination link (URL) at bottom left hand corner of your browser is you are using Firefox or Chrome.

 2. Read the comments first. If you are on facebook and see a clickbait kind of article link first read the comments because there will be at least an idiot who has clicked on it found it terrible or some experienced people commented what kind of link is that.

3. Stay away from links contains “exclusive”, “shocking” or “sensational” kind of word in it.

4. Stay away from unrealistic pictures like below. Most of the time pictures like these been used just to grab your attention.
You will find most big YouTubers do this (that's how they became big) and I don't blame thaem. That's because you don't get views if you stay normal and straight to the point. I've experienced myself. People don't give sh*t about your videos although you spend hours and hours making the video.

5. If anyone (even your friend) sends a link never click on it until you know where it will take you to.

6. Make a list of sites that you had bad experience so that when you see a link which trying to take you to that site you can avoid.

These are the few tips to avoid clickbaits for those people who really look for info that they want. And not like people who think to be smart (actually dumb) but keep going to the same place again and again and never learn from their mistakes. And  still go there and complain about the clickbaits, and when they see their idol didn't listen to them they still go there and watch his/her videos. Those people really deserve the clickbait and should never complain about it, because they simply can't use their brain.

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