Stonehenge mystery solved by a construction worker

A man from Michigan has discovered how to move and lift 20+ tonne blocks by hand using only wood, pebbles, counterweights and man power. He Creates a compelling argument for the methods used in the construction of Stonehenge, the Pyramids etc...

I hope the video doesn't get deleted so that you can see for yourself that how he has managed to do it, and know that you don't need scientists and bib big degrees to solve every mystery. In this case scientists have trying to solve this for ages but a simple construction worker has solved it for them. So never see anyone down graded, who knows he probably knows something which big people don't know.


Some best comments:

[You gotta be shitting me. Holy f**k! I gotta try this asap. And all the Ph.D scientists with Ivy League "degrees" couldn't figure out this technique, but a construction guy from MI did? LOL............crazy shit.]

[Brillant!! This guy shud be given an award:) God has given every human so much potential to do things all we need is a will to do it :)]

[Takes someone who thinks outside the lines to solve these age old mysteries.]

[Humans can figure anything out over time and that's why I knew all along aliens didn't build the pyramids humans did.]


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