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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

3 Ways to watch YouTube's age restricted videos without sign in

Have you ever come across this problem where you just logged out from YouTube and then you saw something and you tried to watch it but it says you can't watch it without sign in? Or maybe you want to watch a video but you have not created a YouTube account yet so that you can sign in and watch.

Well, don't worry in this post you will find out how you can easily watch that video without signing in.

1st one:
Go to the URL and replace watch?v= with v/  then hit the enter key. For example from to

2nd one:
It is like the first one but instead of replacing with v/ replace with embed/. For example from to

3rd one:
This one a bit complicated, go to the video and the get the embed code and then make a text file on your desktop open the ext file past the embed code and then save the file as (.html). You might got confused by the last one but don't worry just watch the video below, first tip is about this one.


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