Can your fingerprint be stolen from a selfie?

Japanese scientists are warning people against making the peace sign in photos. They say it's possible to get the fingerprint if you take a picture from up to 3 metres away. And they say peace sign waving or a thumbs up.


Well, I'm getting confused here. How could a thumbs up be a peace sign? As far as I know "Thumbs up" is for something that you like, of course we like peace but when we take a selfie and if we make a thumbs up sign then people will think that we are saying the picture is nice or something and won't think about peace. And another thing is if people can take picture of fingerprint then what about the thumbprint? People usually use there thumbs as their fingerprints.

Waving? Who makes a peace sign by waving? Doesn't it (waving) mean "Hello" or "Help! Help! I'm here"?

Even if you listen to them still you need a good camera, perfect lighting, properly focused and many other factors. Anyway let me know what you think about it in the comment. Can't believe this video got 421,595+ views  in two days.


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