Duck and Tiger Fight

This duck playing with a angry tiger and giving him a hard time to catch. The duck probably loving it. He is entertaining the tiger and people who watching them.

It's even funnier if you watch it after reading these comments.

* {When your casual game is just a death penality if you lose.}

* {I'm surprised the duck can stay afloat with its massive balls of steel.}

* {When you're trying to avoid some drunk dude on the dance floor}

* {He was probably telling "Yo Momma" jokes THE WHOLE TIME.}

* {Poor tiger he only wanted to play tag your dinner.}

* {Love it when the 🦆 duck goes underwater and the 🐯 tiger stares. This duck was having a good time frustrating the tiger!! Love it!}

* {The game of cat and mouse had become too easy. It's now a game of cat and duck.}

* {Lol poor tiger that's funny as hell he should of given up long time ago. 😔🙀}


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