Piranha Bites Through Kevlar and Steel

While fishing the Amazon - Jeremy takes the opportunity to put a piranha's jaws to the test. As you can see in the video below how easily piranha cuts the steel an kevlar so effortlessly that it looks like it biting and cutting normal tread. Well, after seeing that, only one thing coming in my mind is that, what kind of material piranha's teeth made of?

You will have more fun if read the comments as well, people came up with some hilarious comments.

* [But can it cut through my wife's home made cookies?]
* [That piranha is a paid actor.]
* [Bro, you got a scissor? Nope, but here take this pirahna] lol, this one made me lough very loud.
* [But can it cut the fence of friendzone ???] Only those people know about this if he/she in the friendszone.
* [But will it cut through a Nokia?]
* [Mexicans will now use them to chomp through Trumps wall.]
* [Imagine when you put your d*ck in a piranha's jaws] Well, never ever do that mistake, it will cost you heavily.


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