How to see YouTube's RealTime views from high to low

If you have got a YouTube channel then you definitely try to see how your videos are performing? So that's why you probably frequently log in and go to Realtime views, where you can see estimated views data for the last 25 published videos.  But what about if you want to see Realtime views of most viewed videos of yours?

Well, I was looking for this option in the settings but didn't find anywhere. And as usual I was just checking my YouTube today and suddenly it (the list) came the way I wanted. I don't know how did it happen, maybe the script got mixed up or something. But I quickly took the opportunity and grabbed the code and here it is.

1. Log in to your Account.
2. Click on Creator Studio.
3. Click on Analytics.
4. Click on Realtime.
5. Copy these few characters ,rbd=4,rsc=2  and paste it after r=realtime in the URL at the top.
6. Hit the Enter key.

That's all, very simple but didn't know this for long time. Please feel free to share if this helped you. Thanks.

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