How to react when people say sellout to you

Are you one of those who is quite popular and many people look up to you and be like you, but you did something what you liked and they are going against you and calling stuffs?

Well, remember if you have lot of followers then they probably like you because of the way you are so don't try to be a different person or copy others.

Do followers and their feelings matters?
Yes of course, at least for those who have small amount of followers. Remember where you are now today, it's all because of them and of course your talent aswell. So if they go away, you will be the unknown person again like before. At the same time it's not good for fans to interfere in every actions of their role model.

Recently a very famous YouTuber called CaseyNeistat made a video about it and explaining why he doesn't like people calling him sellout. Before you think why did he say that we need to know some of the history about it. Well, he had a video messaging application called Beme which didn't do well, but maybe he has more than 6 million fans CNN bought the app. And as you probably already know that most people don't like CNN and often time they mention CNN as a joke and none reliable source.

Many people were saying that CNN did a good move because people don't believe them so they tried to win the trust again and they found many young people like CaseyNeistat, so they bought his app which wasn't doing well, but their target maybe the CaseyNeistat's 6million+ audience and not the app itself.

Although Casey said he just sold his company and not his YouTube channel but many time he was kind of promoting CNN in his videos. And maybe that's why people are calling him sellout.

You can watch the video and see what he says.

After watching the video you might be thinking he is right, and who cares about fans? You are getting money that's enough.

Well, it might be right in a way but if you have got a small amount of subscribers or followers and you don't care about their feeling then of course they will go away. And how you going to make money after that? They are the ones who are watching and generating the money for you. If they go away who you going to make money from?

Big people can say what ever they want because they know if few people don't like them other will come because they are already well-known and many people are just go with the flow.


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