This couple made a sewer their home for over 20 years

Best comments:

* There are thousands of orphaned children living in sewers in foreign countries. They live on what they can scavenge.

People had so many question about them and so had I.

* I wonder what they use for a bathroom. Although, maybe the answer is obvious. Why is there no sewage flowing around them?

* How do they keep rain water from coming in is what i want to know. 20 years and the city hasn't moved them? how do they keep their stuff from being stolen? how do they keep from being harassed by punks? a molotov cocktail down that hole is all it takes to end their lives or ruin the home if they're both gone. other homeless ppl don't try and rob them? i don't understand how they've been there so long. where does the electricity come from for their tv and stuff? lots of questions to be asked here ya?

* Only way a relationship can be healthy, steady and consistent is if the 2 people involved are on the same page.

Video at the top might take some time to load.

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