BBC News blooper #1 Trending

This video was trending #1 on 10-03-17. Many people have found this video hilarious and I'll tell why I'm sharing this here after sharing some fantastic comments to make this video even more enjoyable.

* [best part is how the wife slides in to the room like Kramer then runs into the door on the way out. Cute fam though.]

* [lmao his wife closed the door like she just survived a terror attack]

* [The baby in the baby-walker barging into the room oh my god.] lol it seemed like the baby was swimming.

* [As a stay at home Dad I know that face well, the oh shit I'm using to computer for something important and forgot to lock the door face.]

Anyway now let me tell you the main reason of sharing this video. I usually don't share trending videos of famous people because they are already famous and their videos might trend every now and then. So instead of sharing their videos I prefer to share those people's video who are unknown.

  • The video has been uploaded on a channel called  Sverre Nilsen
  • Created on: Mar 28, 2010
  • Total video uploaded till 10-03-17: 55 videos  
  • Subcribers: 328
  • Oldest video uploaded on Mar 28, 2010 and had only 390 views. 
That shows this guy has been trying for long time and finally  he's got some exposure and I hope he can now carry on his YouTube channel and make a living out of it. Good luck!


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