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Well, if you are a blogger or a website owner you will see many bullsh#t sites like try to evaluate your site although they will never be able to predict accurately. Here is an example of that.

The other day when I was trying to search my site on Google this site caught my eyes. So I clicked on it and saw that they've listed my site as an ADULT site, and that's when I thought I have to say something about it. It seems like this site doesn't know what my site all about but they still some how manage to rate it as an adult site. And I call the verdict is totally bullsh#t.


Before I tell you about my site let me warn you from this kind of false info evaluating sites. It actually pisses me off!!! My question is, if you don't know about something why do you have to add it to your site and make a big deal and scare other visitors from visiting it? This kind of sites actually cause more harm to small site like this one and don't let it grow up.

Now let me explain the  points in the picture one by one:
Privacy: This site runs on which is Google's property and what ever there's privacy policy it is for this site as well, because I didn't put any extra script or anything to collect data or to monitor visitors. By the way 99.99999999% sites uses cookies nowadays, so you're being tracked everywhere so don't be a stupid and cry about your privacy and shit.

Trust: I don't really care if you trust this site or not. I've made this to help people and share my own experience or share some funny stuffs to entertain people so that they can have some good time. And when I write some important stuff I always provide the sources so that you can evaluate by yourself. By the way you can't satisfy everyone.

 Child Safely: Well, when I made this site I didn't intend this for children and those people who are mentally like children (immature) anyway. Because they do something and blame someone else. I even hinted this on the about page very clearly.

Safety Verdict: F##k safety verdict of I don't put any adult or explicit materials on this site where as will warn you by saying "Warning! The site ahead may contain some adult or explicit materials, please be sure you want to proceed".  If you don't do something and you still get blamed for it then that shit make people do things that they didn't wanted to do. << Did your brain processed what I've said? OK, let me explain you with an example. If you are charged with a crime which you didn't do, then of course that (charge of false crime) will make you do actual crime.


Reason why they're doing this:
Well, I think because I've enabled adsense's dating sites, so when they shows the ads they might sometimes show some half naked women. And for that you can't call a full website a adult site, can you? Or you probably should call YouTube an adult site because of this video. It's not even age restricted although it says Explicit in the title and anyone can watch it. Why is that?

Conclusion: At the end I would say, sites like are totally bullsh#t. They are just hurting small sites who want grow up but because of these scaremongering sites (like vinaora) visitors can't trust them (small sites). But how come visitors trust them (site like in the first place? I don't understand.

Note: Offensive language
You can't even call a whole site "adult site" just because it has few swear words here and there. I don't usually swear but sometimes when things seems to go too far you need use some just to show how strong you feel about it. And don't try to be like a saint! Nowadays you can see swearing everywhere sometimes you might be able to see in mainstream media as well. Most people are not bothered about these any more. And if you really care about that much then stay under the rock and don't come out of it, because the world doesn't go according to you and how you feel.

Sometimes people just use swear words without any real purpose or just use as humor which can't be expressed without it.

Offensive? Well, you can't satisfy everyone. There will be someone offended what ever you say. So if you think like that then you won't be able to do anything. If you think that you never swore in your life or offended anybody then you can leave this site, because most probably you are lying and that's why you offending me.

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