6 Life Hacks With Hot Glue

Although after seeing the thumbnail of the video you might think it's rubbish, how hot glue can be used with iPhone? Well, you are right the video maker might have added the picture to draw attention (I should call it click bait instead) but it can be used in many useful ways. These are the few things you can do with hot glue and I'm sure you can do many more which I will add later. Hopefully you will like them.

1. Make your chopping board less moveable. From 0:10
2. Insulating broken wire. From 0:34
3. Feeling the loose screw hole and making it tight. From 0:53
4. Making a small mat for glass so that it doesn't move about. From 1:15
5. Making your doormat stay in one place. From 2:02
Although I don't like this idea, because it might make more mess.
6. Making a phone protector. From 2:32

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