A kid wants to be a Smartphone and she's got quite solid reason for that

A video has been made on the basis of how parents behave with their kids nowadays. Most of the time they are too busy with their work, playing games and chatting on the phone or on social networking sites. It seems like they love more of the virtual world than real world. Here is one example of that, although the video might be imaginary but the concept is pretty real.

Teacher: What do you want to be?
Student:  A Smartphone.

Teacher: Why would you like to be a Smartphone?
Student: My parents love smartphone very much.

  1. Whenever my father goes somewhere he always takes smartphone with him. But he never takes me.
  2.  My mother receives the phone call as fast as she can, when it rings. But she does not come to me even if I cry.
  3. My father plays game on his smartphone. But he doesn't play with me.
  4. I ask my father to cradle hold me, but he does not do that. But he always cradle hold  the smart phone. (She means the smart phone is always in her father's hand.)
  5. If I ask my mom to play with me, she yells at me saying don't you see I'm chatting on the phone?
  6. My father sleeps while keeping the smartphone beside his head. But he never sleeps cuddling me.
  7. My mom never forgets to charge her smartphone. But sometimes she forgets to give me food.
 I want to be a smartphone so that I can always stay beside my mom and dad.

Try to spend some time with your kids, they will remember that for ever otherwise you might end up in old people's home when you get old and no one will ask about you.


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