This dad will never forget the joke he did with his son

This video is going viral on Facebook where a dad hides (seems like) dog poo (maybe fake not sure) and tells his son that he has caught a bird, and he (dad) wants him to catch it before it flys away. So his son comes and he was so excited to catch the bird, eventually when his dad lifts the cover and he catches the bird dog poo.  He was disappointed and disgusted and slaps his dad with the poo. lol

Best comments:

* [I Did Laugh but ...... On the serious side we all know what diseases you can get from dog poop 💩 so don't think it was a wise choice !]

* [haha Look at everyone giving their opinions on what's right and wrong. Shut up and just laugh at silly internet videos... then go on about your day.]

* [This is exactly how I'd want my kid to react. No crying, just full on retaliation.]

* [You guys got caught with a great act! Lmao! It was all planned...the father's a comedian and does comedy videos on fb... I know because I've been following his page. He was very funny guy. You people just need sense of humor!]

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