I got shocked by Facebook's tracking!

Well, I really got shocked when Facebook showed me the ad below!
OK, let me tell you why I got shocked. Yesterday I bought a switch from eBay by using my tablet, and to connect the internet I used my phone as a hotspot and my browser was Chrome.

And when I was on Facebook I was using, Laptop, Firefox as browser and Wi-Fi for internet connection. As you can see that there is no connection between these devices and browsers. Ok if you still didn't get it let me break it down out for you.

When I bought the switch:

Device: Tablet
Browser: Google Chrome
Internet connection: My mobile phone as a hotspot.

When the Facebook ad showed up:

Device: Laptop
Browser: Mozilla Firefox
Internet connection: Wi-Fi

Well, now you can see that there is no connection between these two situation, but how come Facebook still managed to show me the ad so accurately?

That was not coincidence, because I never searched that switch with that browser as far as I can remember. But how did it show that specific ad on the day that I bought it? Does it mean that big companies exchange cookies (browsing histories and stuff) with each other?

In this case:
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • eBay
  • Facebook
  • Mobile network
  • Wi-Fi modem provider

Are they all connected?

Remember when you visit a site (You might find 99.99% or maybe 100% sites are like this nowadays) it stores a cookie on your computer about your browsing behaviour. It does that by the help of a script and the browser. So when you go to that particular site again, they can find out what was your browsing behaviour last time. Now if one website can read another  website's cookies then that means that website's cookie is not secure enough or they probably sharing the info with each other.

In the above case everything was different the device, browser and the Internet connection but they still able to predict accurately that means there must be something that connect them. We are living in a time when we're being tracked so remotely yet so accurately that it boggles our mind. We don't want to be tracked but we can't stop surfing the web either.

Anyway, if you find this helpful then feel free to share this with your friends who still think that they are not being tracked.

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