Shortcut way of Copy & Paste

If you use computer frequently then you probably come across copying and pasting a lot. People usually go for the normal way of copy and paste or if someone want to do that a bit faster then they use keyboard shortcuts. But in this post you will find out how easily you can copy and paste faster and you won't have to go through all those hassles.


This called right click dragging.

Just right click and hold which ever file or  folder you want to copy and then drag it to the destination folder and then release it. You will see a context menu with some options.

Copy here: It will copy the original file.
Move here: It will bring the original file to the destination folder.
Create shortcuts here: It will just create a shortcut of the original file.
Cancel: It won't do anything.

Shortcut way of text selecting.
  1. One click and drag: selects charter to charter.
  2. If you click twice and hold on the second click then drag it will select word by word.
  3. If you click 3 times and hold on the third click and then drag, it will copy paragraph to paragraph. 


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