How to see hidden views of any youtube channel (works)

Although I lost hope in people to help me out but thought let me just help them anyway. So recently I was watching a video and came across attention grabbing comment. It was seems like he needed more and more views on his videos. So I went to his channel to see how much views he has got on his videos, and found out that he has hidden the number of views he's got. So by using the trick below I've managed to see that within 8 months he's get 350K+ views.

Step 1.
Go to the channel you want to see the views. For example

After "/channel/" you either see a channel name or some random letters and number. In the above case you can see random letters and numbers.

Just type "/about" after the random letters and numbers or channel name and hit enter. In the above case the full url should look like this =>

There you go now you should able to see the views of that channel. Enjoy!!!

Some people are really greedy piece of shit, if they get million views they will still look for billion more. Actually that's how the world works I think. You only get something if you be like them otherwise people won't even know who you are. Everyone fighting for his own survival.


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