Samsung Galaxy S8's Iris scanner got hacked!

Lol, I knew this kind of news will soon come out. There was a time when Samsung used to make straight forward and affordable phones but when they started competing with iPhones, they started adding some useless features and the price gone up like iPhone too.

When the latest phone (Galexy s8) came out people were boasting about how good the phone is, and it has iris scanner which is the most secure thing you could ever get. But this German group called Chaos Computer Clubs has proved it wrong.

They did this by "Capturing iris pictures is with a digital camera in night-shot mode or the infrared filter removed. In the infrared light spectrum – usually filtered in cameras – the fine, normally hard to distinguish details of the iris of dark eyes are well recognizable. Starbug was able to demonstrate that a good digital camera with 200mm-lens at a distance of up to five meters is sufficient to capture suitably good pictures to fool iris recognition systems." after getting the picture they printed it with laser printer then put a contact lens so that it looks like a real eye, and then the magic happened.

Enjoy the highly priced phones!!! They must have charged high prices because of these vulnerable features and they have told people the opposite (highly secured and stuffs).


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