Lies and click baits are the best tactics to get views

Well, it is common thing which almost everyone does. To get views you either lie directly or indirectly this the best tactics if you want to grab attention of mass herd of sheep. It really works, although some sheep will cry some time for being fooled but don't worry they will get the bait and come back again.

Some visitor may feel bad to read the top paragraph but you know what I'm saying this from my own experience. You will find tons of examples where people are fooling other people and the normal people still want to get fooled again and again. If you tell them the truth most probably you will lose your visitors. Lies are so common now that people think that truths are lies and lies are truths.

Let's take the video at the top as an example. I've seen many of his videos which are mostly probably useful, but this video is attention grabbing. First bit of the title is correct, yes he's got 100k subs but the other stuffs (How much YouTubers Make and YouTube pay check) total lie.

By reading the title most visitors probably think that he has got 100k subs and by holding the Google letter he is going to reveal how much he earns from YouTube as he's got quite a lot of subscribers now and views. But in his 7 minutes 13 seconds video he doesn't tell how much he earns and neither he shows the check. In fact he says he can't say how much he earns because of the YouTube's terms of use, and referred to which doesn't say the accurate amount at all.

Just lost 7:13 seconds of my life just to know that lying to people is key to success. I know you probably thinking how can lying to people can be key to success? Well, if you are someone who is unknown then it's hard to get popularity by staying normal, because no one will notice you. And by lying (I'm not saying you go and start lying to people) you get popularity and with the popularity you get something what you want.


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