Man crawled through 200m of mud to save an eagle

Well, although he has done a heroic job by saving the young eagle but many have to say something else. And here are some comments you might enjoy.

1. [ REMEMBER! Always, ALWAYS carry your filming equipment and your ultra quality drone with you in case of emergency! taking a walk, swimming, chilling in a park, ALWAYS, NO MATTER WHAT!]

2. [Too bad for this eagle... cause it's condition is now per-existing.. and per the new trump care it's injuries are not covered. Ultimately we will have throw it back into the mud and let nature run its course..]

3. [Yet hundreds of eagles, hawks, falcons, and any other type of migrating birds are sliced alive by windmills, but you NEVER hear a peep from anyone. Where are the environmentalists there? Anyone?]

4. [Hey look a dying eagle! Turn the camera on mate, we cannot waste a similar chance of hitting tons of likes]

Not everyone left negative comments some are quite encouraging too.

5. [ I love to hear stories like this, he is a true hero.. thank you for saving this beautiful bird ]
6. [ What a man, empathy and compassion to such depth when a man is prepared to put himself at risk and go to these lengths to save an animals life, when others wouldn't even bother to slow down their car to do the same. ]

7. [This man deserves a medal not people who kick footballs around a field or designs clothes. People that actually do something that's life saving or something that makes their country better.]

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