Saved someone from PayPal scam text

Well, few days ago I've wrote a post about how you can see hidden dangerous link in, and here you go I saved someone a lick which could have destroyed his phone with potential virus.

This text came to some who I know, but he was not as dumb as this scammer thought. So what he did when he got this text. First opened his PayPal to see if it's really blocked or not. Once he found that his PayPal is completely fine, he showed me and asked what he should do?

I said DON'T CLICK ON THE LINK because it might be a link to a fishing site (grabs info about you or sends  virus). After that I found out the actual site without clicking on it and compared to the real one and found it's completely scam and fake site site.

Here is the comparison:
Scam site:  <<= Never visit that site.
  • There is no s after p which indicates the site is note secure for logins.
  • After .uk you can see some other rubbish stuffs like

Real site:
When you go to the real site, you will the link starts with https://  which indicates is that it's secure to log in, plus you will see a green padlock on the left as you can see the picture below.
If you want to see how you can find out the details without clicking on the link then read my other post by clicking here, and if you want to know about the scam link on the click here. I feel sorry for the 736 people who clicked on the scam link, don't really know what's happening to them.


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