Baby Bison Wins vs Wolf

After watching the video and reading the comments I thought have to share with you lot (who ever visit this site regularly). I found this hilarious! Here you go, first watch the video and then read the comments.

Best comments:

1. [That wolf is gonna be pissed when he finds this on the Internet]
2. [And that little bison grew up to become President of the United States]
3. [Those geese are the equivalent of the people who yell world star in the back ground when people are fighting]
4. [I like how the wolf just hangs around accepting his failure]
5. [wolf be like: hope none of the pack saw my ass handed to me]
6. [I feel like the geese are commentators and this is just a WWE match nature set up.]
7. [When you get bullied in school and your big bad brother arrives just when you are being bullied]


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