Stupid people making fidget spinner with iPhones

Well, as I said before as well that people are wasting expensive stuffs and somewhere else people are dying to earn few quids or something to eat. Although we can't just blame this guy for his stupid actions in fact if we think deeply we can find that the reason behind doing this kind of stupid stuff is money itself.

Imagine if he breaks an iPhone and he doesn't get any view and therefore no ad money, will he ever break another one again? I'm 100% sure no one will do that. But he and other people make this kind of videos because the normal people watch them and they (who ever make the video) get millions of views in a day or so and there for they get tons of ad money.

Most of the time they get double or triple or maybe more then that. So you tell me why won't they do this kind of stupid stuffs? And you will see some stupid people commenting why are you wasting so much money and stuff. Really! Stupid people making other people do stupid stuffs and then crying that they are wasting too much money. If you are so worried about his wastage then first thing you do is stop watching this kind of videos. No one like waste a penny if he's not getting more than what he spent. And the exact thing happening here he is definitely getting more than what he wasting (actually those are his investments if don 't know)

Who to blame?
If you think carefully after reading all this (which hardly people do nowadays) then I think you've already figured it out that it's the people who watch this kind of videos to blame for.

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