By reading the title you probably think that I'm giving away fidget spinner, right? Well, actually I'm not giving away any fidget spinner my friend, but in fact I want share something with you what I've learned from watching this live stream.

I wouldn't write this if the guy who own's the channel didn't lie. A live stream video caught my eyes by the title "ULTIMATE FIDGET SPINNER GIVEAWAY!!" so I opened it just to see how fool and stupid people begging for a fidget spinner which doesn't cost much.

The things he lied:
  1.  Ultimate: Actually I heard his saying he's got 50 fidget spinners to give away, so how can that be ultimate?
  2.  He can't afford it:  He said he is giving away these fidget spinners on be half of a website otherwise he wouldn't able to give away because he can't afford it. Saying a guy who has 1,950,185+ subscribers and roughly about  £20.3K to £325.4K  yearly earnings.

Benefits he's getting:
  •  Subscribers
  •  Views: When I was watching I saw about 11k+ people watching.
  •  Money: Both ad money and chat money.
  • Maybe he took money from the sponsor too.
Who's getting most of the benefits:
I was just watched the video for few minutes and thinking that how this guy using people to generate money so easily and people were just like sheep, begging for few quid worth fidget spinner and 99.99% people probably even won't get it.

Sometimes I think that let people be fooled because people don't saying/exposing the truth, so what's the point telling them the truth and exposing. Those people who can fool people get the most benifit out of it.


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