Best judge ever!

The women got ticket for parking between 8-10. She actually parked here car at 9:59:58 just two seconds difference. Some people say rules are rules and some say that some people have less commonsense.

Best comments:

1. I'm really annoyed. Waste of tax payers time/money. Some idiot actually gave her a ticket.

2. Spend hundreds of dollars to process a ticket for 2 seconds that ended up getting dismissed.

3. This is where our tax money goes too, ridiculous!!!

4. Cop that wrote the ticket and wasted that lady's time and the courts time should have his control freak card revoked.

5. would be funny too if judge sentence her in jail for 2 seconds also lol.

6. Great...a Judge with common sense...and a sense of humor.  Tax money for his salary is well spent.

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