$200,000 Selfie Domino Disaster

Well, according to the uploader of this video above " This took place at my mate Simon Birch's art installation The 14th Factory in Los Angeles, when a lady tried to crouch down and pose in front of a pillar holding a sculpture to take a picture. She accidentally leant on it and the rest is history... $200,000 worth of art destroyed"

See, selfie can be very dangerous. Many people have drowned, fallen from cliff and some even got hefty lawsuit. Although I'm not really fond of an art and think it's just a thing which people just made the price up that high. Actually who cares something made out of mud or wood 1000 years ago. How does it help us in real life? Yes, it can be something and we can get some knowledge from but once we found it took picture of then made 3d scanning and made a replica of it, done. Keep the actual art peace in somewhere safe if you think it's that precious. Why do you have to make so highly priced?

Top comments:

1. Fortunately it was just art, and nothing of any actual value was damaged. [ Someone said "Art does have value" and he replied by saying ] True, art made of metal still has scrap value for example. Wooden art can be sold to power stations as fuel... Lots of value. [LoL that was epic]

2. Staged event to draw attention to rubbish artist!

3. $200k!?! By who's over inflated ego is this kindergarten paper mache worth more than a few pesos!?! This is the sort of thing that has made modern "art" a big joke.

4. I don't blame the woman. first of all, that stuff doesn't look worth that much and it's not interesting, second, could've put it behind glass or something. this way anyone can touch it and accidents are bound to happen lol.


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