Prank’ gone horribly wrong and led to fatal shooting

As we know many of us try to get famous quickly, because with the fame we can get money and luxury life and stuff. So you probably already have seen many people do crazy stunts and pranks. And some of the stunts and pranks really don't go according to the plan, and that's exact what has happened to this young guy called Pedro Ruiz III.

According to socialblade "Pedro Ruiz III, 22, was fatally shot by his girlfriend Monalisa Perez, 19, when a prank went horribly wrong. They Minnesota-based couple were to film a video in which Perez would fire a bullet towards Ruiz, which they believed would be stopped by an intervening book. Their assumptions were proven incorrect, when the bullet passed through the book and into Ruiz’ chest."

It seems like this couple were living a decent life but why they tried to go for that crazy prank I don't really get it. Well although I feel sorry for the guy who wanted the views which he's getting after his death. :(

Top comments:
  • She became a shooting star.
  • Why not just read the book?
  • You know what would have been a good idea ? Do a test with the gun and the book Without your boyfriend behind it first !
  • And the the moral of the story is that books are for reading
  • And now you killed your children's father just to get more views on youtube. Awesome job. Hope you can explain this to your children.


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